Lumimed Aesthetics

Emsculpt Neo ( muscle machine)

  • Build Muscle & Burn Fat Simultaneously
  • Enhance Muscle Definition & Tone
    Non-Invasive Procedure, No Downtime
  • Target Multiple Muscle Groups: Abdomen, Arms, Legs, Buttocks
  • FDA-Cleared Technology for Safety & Efficacy
  • Scientifically Proven Results in Muscle Growth & Fat Reduction
  • Customizable Treatment Plans for Individual Needs
  • Quick Sessions, Long-Lasting Results
  • Suitable for Various Fitness Levels & Body Types
  • Boost Confidence & Achieve Your Body Goals Faster

Emsella chair:

Another new HIFEM technology
That rehab pelvic muscle in deeper level that sometimes can not be accomplished by
Medical use for stress incontinence for male & female.

Strengthen pelvic muscle after delivery & prodtate surgery

  • Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Improve Bladder Control & Urinary Incontinence
  • Non-Invasive Treatment, No Downtime
  • Comfortable and Relaxing Procedure
  • FDA-Cleared Technology for Safety & Effectiveness
  • Suitable for Both Men and Women
  • Quick Treatment Sessions, Typically 30 Minutes
  • Noticeable Results After Just a Few Sessions
  • Enhance Sexual Function & Satisfaction
  • Boost Confidence and Quality of Life
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